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Our new Distressed Hoodie embodies the unabashed spirit of Bad Portier and is made for those who embrace the imperfections of life. Redefining conventional streetwear with its cropped cut, the hoodie offers a bold, edgy silhouette that resonates with the fearless. It’s a statement for the brave, the courageous, and the unapologetically unique.

The creation of the hoodie is a true craftsmanship process, where instead of the hood, an innovative distressed collar is created, and where the regular fit is significantly altered through the manipulation of the sleeve cuffs and hem. Made from high-quality organic cotton and ultra-heavy 500 gsm, this hoodie is as resilient as it is stylish and is designed to make a powerful statement in the guise of imperfection.

This hoodie is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a celebration honoring individuality and a symbol of strength and quality for those who dare to defy the rules. Wear it as a reminder that we live in a beautifully colorful and imperfect world, where each one is allowed to find their true and individual self – imperfect, fearless, and authentic.

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Normal size. Oversize fit.

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