BAD Crewneck Sweater Black



Bad Portier® presents this oversized, unisex quarter-zip sweatshirt, a whispered statement in the dialect of luxury streetwear.

This piece isn’t merely about the form, it’s a story told in the language of rebellion and mystery.

Each design choice speaks volumes of the creative process, revealing the depth behind every stitch. The audacious ‘BAD’ print on the collar isn’t just typography, it’s a declaration – a bold, typographic nod to the renegades and the outcasts, a testament to Bad Portier®’s undying ethos.

The inclusion of a zipper with a three-link chain and dog tag, inscribed with our signature print, is a subtle act of defiance, adding an intriguing dimension of the unknown to the garment.

This sweatshirt is a manifestation of our journey, a canvas where we paint our raw emotions, ideas, and a dash of madness. It symbolises the strength of individuality, the thrill of deviation. It’s more than fashion. It’s an expression, a rebellion, a way of life.

This sweatshirt is for you – the unique, the daring, the Bad Portier®.

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Normal size. Oversize fit.

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