Adrian Blanz (@unfollowadrian)

Fuck conformity. When we spotted Adrian, that Germany/Taiwan-based rebel, we knew we had to make a move. No bullshit pleasantries—we straight up ambushed him with our gear. Turns out, the guy's got taste. He didn't just like our shit; he decided to flaunt it for the world to see. No fake modesty here. So there you have it. Our first CLFV piece, making waves in the concrete jungle of Taipei, Taiwan. Asia never saw it coming.

Ziad Halloumi (@ziadhalloumi)

Tangier, Morocco - where the elite think they're untouchable. We had other plans. Time to shake up their precious status quo with a dose of Bad Portier rebellion. Enter Ziad - our Moroccan minimalist maverick and monochrome mastermind. He knew the monotonous fashion scene needed a swift kick in the ass. So what did he do? Embraced our "Unique Perspective" like it was the antidote to mediocrity. Check him out in this shot, owning our élémentaire collection like it's his second skin. No fucks given about fitting in. And his crew? They're not just noticing - they're eating it up. Because in a world of grey personalities, Ziad's serving up a black and white reality check.

Nils Kretschmer (@nilskretschmer)

March '24. Handball phenom Nils Kretschmer spotted flexing in our yet-to-drop Bad Portier drip and the élémentaire classics. His take? "Feels like heaven." No shit, Sherlock. Quality so good it hurts? Please. That's just us breathing. But this isn't about clothes. It's about a fucking aesthetic monochrome revolution erupting in your backyard. We're not your typical gangsters, and we sure as hell ain't snobs. But the moment you think you've got us figured out... BAM! It hits you. This shit's different. Unapologetically so. We didn't come to play nice or blend in. We're here to rewrite the rulebook, snap necks with double-takes, and make the status quo break out in cold sweats. From gritty street corners to gleaming sports arenas, Bad Portier is colonizing every damn inch. The invasion isn't coming – it's already here, and you're living in it.

Jan Radek (@jan.rdk._)

Last but not fucking least... In our corner, bringing 100% authenticity and 150% savagery, we've got our ride-or-die supporter, the fucking legend of tattoo and body art - Jan Radek. When we first crossed paths, we laid out our plan for world domination. He hit us back with why he does what he does. Why he decided to slap a full-size skull tattoo on his face, among other life choices that'd make your grandma faint. These are the kind of decisions that make "normal" people clutch their pearls and run for the hills. Fitting in? Pleasing others? Jan said "fuck that" a long time ago. But here's the kicker - beneath the walking artwork, Jan's actually a solid dude. So next time you're ready to judge a book by its cover, shut your mouth and open your ears. These "outsiders" have unique perspectives that'll blow your mind. In a world of sheep, be a Jan. Be a Bad Portier. Because normal is just another word for boring, and we don't do boring. Welcome to the revolution, fuckers. It's inked, it's loud, and it's unapologetically us.

Lana Santucci (@lanasantucci)

Lana Santucci isn't just breaking the mold—she's fucking obliterating it. This Brazilian bombshell doesn't give two shits about your gender labels or societal expectations. She's carved her own path with a jawline sharp enough to slice through bullshit and a feminine boss energy that'll make your head spin. When Lana struts her stuff in Bad Portier, it's not just fashion—it's a goddamn revolution. Our acid pieces? They're her war paint. Her "don't fuck with me" armor. So here's a pro tip: When you see Lana coming in Bad Portier, you've got two choices. Get on board or get the fuck out of the way. Because this fashion icon isn't asking for permission. She's not seeking approval. She's here to conquer, and she's doing it in style.

See-Un Oh (@eunxx__)

This isn't just another pin on our map of world domination. See-Un Oh is our fucking general in Seoul, leading the charge in our assault on conformity. She's not here to play nice or fit in. She's here to conquer, to subvert, to make the fashion world bow at her feet. Welcome to the new era of Korean fashion. It's dark, it's dangerous, and it's dressed in Bad Portier. Word of advice: Watch what you say around her. Not because we're saying she's got a Death Note tucked away (but hey, who knows?), but because one look from those eyes could turn your world to ash.